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Chello Media - Channel Re-brand

Agency: Branded
Production Company: RSA

Chello Media broadcast two documentary / factual channels in Europe: Spektrum and Odisea.

The creative brief was to create a new identity system between the two channels by developing a common on and off air identity, whilst maintaining the individual channel names. It was important to refresh, upgrade and communicate the unique strengths of both channels.


Odisea Logo Design

The concept behind the Odisea logo is very much based on the notion of adventure and travel. We tried to encapsulate this within the design stages.








Spektrum Logo Concepts

The concept behind the Spektrum logo is based on the idea of a Prism and light. Other concepts include the idea of range and colour. We tried to encapsulate this within the design stages.


Prism & Light


Light Spectrum


Colour Spectrum


Ident Example - Balloons (Wildlife & Nature)

Each ident shows a local scene from one of the channel territories. Everyday objects from the environment act in an
unusual manner that relates to the program content. In the example below, some balloons swim through the sky like a
shoal of fish.



The images below show how the branding can be translated to print campaigns.